Update on Shipping Cost for East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) 28 October 2018 – Posted in: News

In the past few weeks, Kawah Buku website experienced a problem with a calculation of shipping cost for East Malaysia regions (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan). This problem was due to the adjustment of new system that we introduced through our backend and affected the algorithms of the shipping calculation.

As per announced in previous statement, our shipping cost for all deliverable regions had been updates due to SST come into effect start on September 2018. In conjunction with the changes, we deployed a few updates as well to cope with the adjustment.

Among the changes we announced are the FREE SHIPPING program that previously applied to all regions, has been put off for East Malaysia regions as the cost for shipping is out of our mean and capability to bear. By changing the old calculation system, we were struck by a problem to set a new calculation for East Malaysia when the algorithms deteriorated.

After a few attempts made, we were enabled to debugs and determine the mishaps in our system and right now, as we tested a few times, the calculation seems working out well. We do apologize to our customers for all inconveniences that might have caused in due time.

We use courier services provided by POSLAJU and GDex. For all customers from East Malaysia, in the Checkout, they will have TWO options for shipping rates which are differs in terms of price and estimated delivery times. We utilize two different couriers for a single reason: there are a few products in our store needs a specific courier service for East Malaysia region.

We are determined to put our customers above all else and ensure our customers able to browse and purchase books without any problem and bearing lot of shipping cost. However, considering latest development on tax system in Malaysia, and a few uncertainties in courier industry, we have to take radical measurement to put halt on free shipping program to East Malaysia region.

We apologize to all customers that have been affected by the mistake and all inconveniences that might have caused during that period.


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