Helen Ting Mu Hung

Helen Ting Mu Hung is a research fellow at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies at the National University of Malaysia. Her publications include “Khadijah Sidek and Fatimah Hashim: Two Contrasting Models of (Malay) Feminist Struggle?” (in Malaysia: Public Policy and Marginalised Groups, ed. Phua Kai Lit, Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia, 2007); “Gender Discourse in Malay Politics: Old Wine in New Bottle?” (in Politics in Malaysia: The Malay Dimension, ed. Edmund Terence Gomez, Routledge, 2007) and “Social Construction of Nation: A Theoretical Exploration” (Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 14, 3 [July 2008]). She heads a research project to study women leaders in Malaysia during Independence.