Julia Lim Pay Loo

Julia Lim Pay Loo is a lecturer at Berjaya University College and Korean lecturer at Sejong Institute, UKM. She has both a masters in Korean Studies and a PhD in International Studies from Seoul National University. Currently, she is the Assistant Professor teaching Global Korean Studies at Namseoul University in Korea. She specializes in educational policies in Asia. Also, the application of her knowledge of Korean history, language and culture allowed her to continue to publish and develop her expertise not only on Korea but on other Asian societies including Malaysia and East Asian societies such as Japan and Korea. Her interest is in the socio-cultural aspects of Asian societies in which she believes that there are socio-cultural factors that have contributed to the economic development of East Asian countries and that hold back poor countries. Supplementing her background in Korean studies and international studies, she consistently demonstrates a passion for Korean Language Education and the development of Global Korean Studies inside and outside of Korea.