Kumie Inose

Kumie Inose is a Professor in the Faculty of Letters, Konan University, Japan. She is a member of Science Council of Japan. She has published widely on modern British history, especially on the cultural history of the British Empire. She is the author of Shokuminchi keiken no yukue: Alice Green no salon to seiki tenkanki no daiei-teikoku (in Japanese: Colonial Experience and Its Aftermath: Mary Kingsley and Alice Green at the turn of the century Britain, Kyoto, 2004), Daieittaikokutoiu keiken (in Japanese: Encountering the Empire, as a part of the series of the Rise and Fall of the Powers and Civilization, Tokyo, 2007), and the chief-editor of Igirisu bunkashi (in Japanese: British Cultural History, Kyoto, 2010), and the co-editor of Afurika to teikoku: koroniarizum kenkyu no shinshikou ni mukete (in Japanese: Africa and the Empire: Rethinking the Studies of Colonialism, Kyoto, 2010).