Sue Peabody

Sue Peabody is Professor of History at Washington State University Vancouver, and the author and editor of several books on French ideas and legal regulation of slavery and race, including: “There Are No Slaves in France”: The Political Culture of Race and Slavery in the Ancien Régime (New York, 1996), The Color of Liberty: Histories of Race in France, with Tyler Stovall (Durham, 2002) and Le Droit des Noirs en France au temps de l’esclavage, with Pierre Boulle, Autrement Mêmes (Paris, 2014). She has also edited, with Keila Grinberg (University of Rio de Janeiro), Slavery, Freedom and the Law in the Atlantic World (Boston, 2007) and a special issue of Slavery & Abolition (2011) on the Free Soil principle in Atlantic legal systems. Her new book will appear soon as Madeleine’s Children: Family, Freedom, Secrets and Lies in France’s Indian Ocean Colonies, the biography of a family held in slavery 1750–1850.