During the course of editing the manuscript of our upcoming book, entitled Masharakat Chantek by Mohd Rosli Ibrahim, published under the imprint of Soeloeh Merdeka, we experienced a wake-up call about web accessibility which made us rethink our approach on how to design our website. The question we strive to put at the forefront of our minds is: are our services accessible to everyone, especially people with disabilities?

At Kawah Buku, we are committed to ensuring that our website and all of its components, including sub-websites and sub-directories, are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. This is a priority for us, and we have taken steps to address accessibility issues on our website.

To that end, we have implemented the One Click Accessibility plugin, developed by Pojo and other generous contributors. This plugin provides a range of options to make our website more accessible, such as the ability to increase or decrease text size, change the color scheme to grayscale or high contrast, and add a light background or link underlining. While this plugin may not solve all accessibility problems, it is a helpful starting point and we will continue to explore additional ways to improve the accessibility of our website.

We welcome feedback from our users and have added a link to a HELP page on the accessibility tool, located in the green sidebar on the left side of the website. This page provides additional resources and information on how to make the most of the accessibility options available. We will continue to add new features to the accessibility tool based on user feedback. Thank you for helping us make our website accessible to everyone.

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