Sociology and Anthropology

Welcome to our Sociology and Anthropology collections, where you will find a wide range of books featuring bold and original scholarship that improves our understanding of compelling social issues in the context of the Malay world. Our selection of books enables readers to examine how people in disparate cultures across time and space live and think about their world, encouraging critical thinking about our own assumptions about culture, race, gender, reason, politics, and more. Our sociology and anthropology books are rich in empirical research, significant in theoretical contributions, and innovative in their methodology. They represent some of the most important contributions to contemporary sociological and anthropological thought, with a focus on the subfield of social or cultural anthropology and the use of theoretically and historically informed ethnography. Whether you are a scholar or simply interested in learning more about sociology and anthropology in the context of the Malay world, you will find something of interest in our selection of books.