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The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady: With Selections of His Writings by His Son, Syed Alwi


Islamic Renaissance Front (Special Edition, 2015)
402 pages including Bibliography and Index


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The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh Al-Hady: With Selections of His Writings by His Son, Syed Alwi brings together a number of important essays chronicling the life and times of Shaykh al-Hadi, as well as a selection of his important writings published in the journals that he launched and ran. A comprehensive introductory chapter outlines the historical context and sociopolitical milieu that was the cradle for Shaykh al-Hadi. Other essays present us with an intimate record of the man seen through the eyes of his son and grandson, Syed Alwi al-Hadi and Syed Mohamed Alwi respectively. Linda Tan’s essay outlines the mission of the man himself. Perhaps for the first time in Malaysian history, local Malaysian scholars have set out to record the ‘true cry’ of the man who was out of place and out of time, ahead of his peers and contemporaries, and a true visionary in every respect. Syed Shaykh al-Hadi was one of the most revolutionary thinkers and Islamist activists of his generation. It was through the efforts of men like him and Sheikh Mohamad Tahir Jalaludin that the radical ideas of the newer generation of Muslim intellectuals, such as Muhammad Abduh and Rashid Rida, were introduced to the Malay Muslims of the Malay Peninsula.

During his lifetime, Syed Shaykh al-Hadi was regarded as the khalifa (leader) of the Kaum Muda (or the Khalifa Kaum Wahhabi) by his conservative-traditionalist critics. He was particularly interested in reforming the institution of the madrasah and pondok schools, for he believed that modern Islamic education was the key to living many (if not all) of the problems that the Muslims were facing at the time. Syed Shaykh al-Hadi was aided in this task by other Malay Muslim reformers such as Haji Abbas Mohamad Tahar and the Acehnese Sheikh Mohamad Salim al-Kalali, as well as the prominent Libyan reformer, Shaykh Abu Jabir al-Ghadamisi (also known as Shaykh Abd’Allah al-Maghribi). The reform of the Islamic educational system meant, for al-Hadi, the reform of the Muslim mind itself. Along with the introduction of modern subjects like history and science, he also wanted to create a generation of young Muslims who would be able to address the social, economic and political challenges they faced with confidence and determination. He helped to set up numerous madrasah all over the peninsula. Working in collaboration with other reformist activists, Shaykh al-Hadi launched the Madrasah al-Iqbal al-Islamiyyah in Singapore. Later he set up the Madrasah Al-Hadi in Melaka. After moving to Penang, he was involved in the running of the famous Madrasah al-Mashoor al-Islamiyyah, which was destined to play a major role in the development of political Islam in the country.

Publisher’s Note
Editor’s Note

1. Riau: The Milieu of Syed Shaykh’s Formative Years & the Aspirations of the Subjugated Umma
– Alijah Gordon

2. The Life of My Father
– Syed Alwi al-Hady

3. Syed Shaykh: Through the Prism of a Child’s Eyes & the al-Hady Clan
– Datuk Dr. Syed Mohamed Alwi al-Hady

4. Syed Shaykh: His Life & Times
– Linda Tan
• His Life
• His Times
• His Mission
• His Role

5. To Turn the Current of the Age
– Alijah Gordon

6. Syed Shaykh: Selections of His Writings
• Real Praise is Man’s Spiritual Food
ash-Sharaf: Glory or Honour
• Demand for the Improvement of the Sons of the Soil
• The Real Cry
• Pandita Za’ba’s Critique of “The Real Cry” and al-Ikhwan‘s Retort
• Between al-Ikhwan and the Religious Leaders
• Kelantan ‘Ulama’ Move to Ban al-Ikhwan and Saudara
• Belief in the ‘Ulama’: Dispute Between Kaum Tua and Kaum Muda
• What is that Shriek in the Masjid?
• The Need for an Anglo-Malay School
• Islam Commands Exertion and Work
• Does Islam Empower Anyone to Compel Others to Follow His Belief?
• Can the Malays Escape Annihilation and Extinction?
• It is Not Islam but the Attitude of the Religious Leaders that Causes the Downfall of Muslims
• Changes in the Upbringing of Girls are Urgent
• Responding to Readers’ Queries:
– Should Muslims in Lumut Stop Friday Prayers?
– Are Lebai Pondok, ‘Students of the Huts’, Socially Useful?
– Is Reward after Death Possible?
– Would Wearing Gold or Silk Invalidate a Marriage?
Terawih Prayers: How Many Raka ‘at Should be Performed?
– Is it Sunnat to Kill Wahhabis?

7. Syed Shaykh’s Resource: Shaykh ‘Abd Allah Maghribi:

• A Reformist ‘Ulama’ in the Malay States
– Mahayudin Hj. Yahaya

• Teacher and Kaum Muda Activist
– Mohd. Sarim Hj. Mustajab

8. Syed Alwi Al-Hady: Biographical Outline and Family Tree

9. Addendum: Riau and the Restoration Movement
– Alijah Gordon

A. Riouw en Onderhoorigheden (Riau and Dependencies); translated by D.K. Bassett
B. Interview — Raja Haji Muhammad’Arif
C. Clarifications — Pandita Za’ba

Glossary of Terms
Annotated Index
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