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Playing for Malaya: A Eurasian Family in the Pacific War

REBECCA KENNEISON is Associate Fellow in History at the University of Essex. She holds a PhD from the University of Essex.

NUS Press (First Published, 2011)
208 pages including Index


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Playing for Malaya: A Eurasian Family in the Pacific War is a stunning personal account of a Eurasian family living in Malaya. When Rebecca Kenneison discovered this omission after his death, she set out to learn more about her extended family on the other side of the world. Her voyage of discovery is compelling in itself, but Playing for Malaya has a much larger purpose. Set in the 1930s and 1940s, it recounts the experiences of an extended Eurasian family during the invasion and occupation of Malaya by the Japanese. Colonial society considered Eurasians insufficiently European to be treated as British, but during the Pacific War they seemed all too European to the Japanese, who subjected the Eurasian community to discrimination and worse. Because many Eurasians, including members of the Kenneison family, supported the Allied cause, their wartime experiences are an extraordinary account of tragedy, heroism and endurance, presented here with great eloquence and clarity.


…what Reggie wanted you to know

1. Them, and Everybody Else
2. Save the Bones for Gyp, Boys!
3. Black or White or Green
4. Your Sons are not English
5. As British Soldiers
6. What a Bloody Mess
7. Us and Our Clothes
8. A Headstrong, Stubborn Man
9. … and Not to Leave Any Traces
10. The Moss off the Stones
11. Until You Get Caught
12. The Blukar Hidden Graves
13. The Indignities of a Coloured Skin
14. Chopped Up in Johore


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