Regaining Control: Malaysian Economic Policy during COVID and Beyond

SHANKARAN NAMBIAR is a Senior Research Fellow at the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. He has served as a consultant for many Malaysian ministries and international organisations abroad.

SIRD (First Published, 2023)
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Regaining Control: Malaysian Economic Policy during COVID and Beyond is a collection of essays that address the impact of recent events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, on Malaysia’s economic policies and the way forward. The essays were previously published in various print and online publications. The pandemic presented a significant challenge to Malaysia, which was not immune to the global economic turmoil caused by COVID-19. The resulting movement control order had a particularly adverse impact on the livelihoods of the B40 and M40 categories. Despite the crisis, social unrest was avoided due to competent management. The pandemic had a severe impact on Malaysia’s economy, as expected. Globalisation was disrupted, causing shortages of essential supplies, breakdowns in supply chains, and an oversupply of vaccines in developed countries compared to developing ones. The pandemic exposed the worst aspects of capitalism, including a trend towards nationalistic frameworks in several developed countries.


1. Malaysia Post-GE14: An Economy in Reset Mode
2. Seeking Optimism, Aspirational Drive and Vigour
3. Challenges for Malaysia’s Meandering Economy
4. 2021: The Rough Year That Was for Malaysia
5. 2022: Malaysia Emerges Out of the Shadows of Covid

6. Lifting the Lockdown—Abruptly or Gradually?
7. Grounds for a Grim Outlook
8. The Covid-19 Outbreak: Mending the Damage
9. Coronavirus and the Disruption of Globalisation
10. Gearing Up for a Fitting Response
11. Policy Dilemma Deepens as Covid-19 Infections Rise
12. Are There Any Lessons from the Covid-19 Outbreak?

13. Moving Ahead with Fiscal Policy
14. The Stimulus Package: Are All Included?
15. The Pandemic: What Place for Monetary Policy?
16. The Demands of Deciding on Fiscal Policy
17. Can Budget 2022 Make Us Rethink New Solutions?
18. How Will the Deficit Be Funded?
19. Budget 2020: Nuts and Bolts
20. Budget 2020: Looking Ahead with a Heart
21. Budget 2022: A Compassionate Budget
22. Inflation and the Pressures of Policy Formulation
23. The OPR Hike: Dealing with Competing Concerns

24. Mahathir’s Tilt to China
25. China in Malaysia’s New Scheme of Things
26. Should We Worry About the New Tech War?
27. RCEP and the Mobility of Skilled Labour
28. India’s RCEP Retreat
29. RCEP and Intra-Asean Trade
30. Will Malaysia Cosy Up to China Post-Covid?
31. RCEP Set to Drive Malaysia’s Recovery Plan
32. Preparing for Extended US-China Tensions

33. Is the Malaysian Economic Model at Risk of Failure?
34. Resisting Uncertainty: Malaysia Finding Itself
35. Reindustrialising Malaysia: A New Model
36. Political Stability and Economic Direction
37. Green Economic and Quality Growth to Power 12MP
38. Does the 12MP Express Policy Continuity?
39. Anwar’s Rise to Power and the Promise of a Better Economic Future
40. How Prepared is Malaysia for the Downturn in 2023?
41. 2023 and Beyond: Anwar’s New Recovery Plan

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