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Countering the Western Canon: Other Ways of Knowing about Journalism and Media

AHMAD MURAD MERICAN is professor at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC-IIUM), International Islamic University Malaysia.

Penerbit UPSI (First published, 2023)
198 pages including Bibliography and Index


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Countering the Western Canon: Other Ways of Knowing about Journalism and Media is a collection of essays by Ahmad Murad Merican manifesting his engagement with epistemological, historical, cultural ad societal perspectives of journalism and media, especially in the Malay world. This book introduces another way of knowing journalism and the media. Divided into nine chapters, it serves as a rejoinder to the orientation and thinking on journalism, communication, and media in Malaysia (and to some extent, Indonesia) conditioned by the establishment of journalism/mass communication schools some five decades ago. Apart from exploring non-Western perspectives on media historiography and communication, this book argues for a corpus from a none Euro-American tradition. It calls for reassessing journalism as a sociological and civilizational construct implemented through the curriculum in journalism and media education.



1. Paper, Print and Intellectual Revolutions: Non-Western Perspectives on Media Historiography and Communication

2. Prophets, Philosophers and Scholars: The Identity of Communication and the Communication of Identity

3. Theorizing Malay Journalism: History, Criticism, Context

4. Kaba, Tambo and Budi: Studying Media in the Malay World

5. Telling Tales, Print and Computers: Surveying Malay Media Studies from Abdullah Munsyi to Mahathir Mohamad

6. The Journalism Curriculum, the Intellectual Production Process, and the University

7. Culture Journalism as Discourse Among Civilizations: Concept and Dialogue

8. Covering Islam: Orientalism in the Reportage of Religion

Syed Hussein Alatas: Historical and Epistemological Basis of Media Stereotyping

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