Islam, Religion and Progress: Critical Perspectives


The Reading Group (First published, 2006)
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Islam, Religion and Progress: Critical Perspectives offers insight and analyses by various thinkers, past and present, on factors that may promote or hamper the process of development and progress in society, with an emphasis on Muslim society. They are meant to provoke readers to discuss, debate and contextualize the ideas presented according to the dominant thought and conditions of the present. Pertinent themes on the role and significance of religion and some major impediments that can hinder its potential for the progress and development of society, are effectively captured in the ten chapters of the book. All are excellent pieces that provide insightful perspectives and approaches to understanding religion and how it is understood and practiced, with a focus on Islam. The chapters on Islam reveal serious reflections of Muslim thinkers in the past as well as in contemporary times on the problems pertaining to the religious life of their community. The continuous dissemination of their ideas will certainly raise the level of discourse on Islam and contribute to better understanding of the religion and its believers, not only amongst the Muslims but society in general.

Foreword – Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman
Preface – Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib

Introduction: The Making of Progressive Religion
Azhar Ibrahim Alwee

1. Man in Society
Fazlur Rahman

2. Religion and the Integration of the Social Order
Karl Mannheim

3. The Rationalistic and Philosophical Spirit of Islam
Syed Ameer Ali

4. Backwardness and the Will to Think
Syed Hussein Alatas

5. The Danger of Incorrigible Conservatism
Amir Shakib Arslan

6. Negative Attitudes Towards Religion
Shaharuddin Maaruf

7. Consequences of Islamic Resurgence in Malaysia
Chandra Muzaffar

8. Religion and Prejudice
Gordon W. Allport

9. Why Didn’t the Scientific Revolution Happen in Islam?
Pervez Hoodbhoy

10. The Rights of Women in Islam
Asghar Ali Engineer

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