A History of Selangor (1766-1939)

Author: J.M. Gullick

MBRAS (Revised Edition 2004)
291 Pages
ISBN 9679948102


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John Gullick in his important new A History Of Selangor (1766-1939) builds on his previous research and writing, with particular emphasis on how the immigrant community developed agriculture in Selangor and made it their home, and takes the story up to 1939. From the establishment of the dynasty in the eighteenth century through the dramatic colonial impact of the nineteenth century, and up the eve of the Pacific War in the twentieth country, Selangor was important in its own right and later a centre of European Control.

John Gullick looks at the indigenous dynamic in response to these changes which is a much needed complement to the political accounts of the same period. Near the end of the twentieth century, with 40 years of Merdeka accomplished, Selangor and within in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, are central to Malaysia’s development. For an understanding of the earlier processes that led to this, historians will be in the debt of John Gullick for his research and interpretation of Selangor history.

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