Archaeology in Malay Archipelago and Beyond


Penerbit USM (First Published, 2020)
265 pages including Index


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Archaeology in Malay Archipelago and Beyond brings forth the latest archaeological findings and scientific advancement that encompasses three exciting themes, i.e. rock art and history, archaeological sciences, and cultural and heritage management. It is hoped that the topics discussed in this book would further enhance our understanding of and out of the Malay archipelago archaeology as well as our heritage.

This volume encompasses several archaeological themes in Southeast Asia. All articles in this book are selected from the Malay Archipelago Archaeology Conference (MAAC) held at George Town, Penang, Malaysia on the 3rd to 4th October 2017, with the theme of “Connecting People Through History”. Hence, this book aims to present the latest archaeological developments within the Malay Archipelago and its close neighbours.

There has so far not a single publication dedicated to archaeological research that is mainly focused on the Malay Archipelago region. Moreover, this book does not only present the latest archaeological research in its surrounding region but also from a range of archaeological subdisciplines, which include Part 1: Rock Art and History, Part 2: Archaeological Sciences; and Part 3: Cultural and Heritage Management. These subdisciplines are central to the discussion of Malay Archipelago archaeology and are therefore selected to be featured in this book.

As the theme itself indicates, it is hoped that this book would connect a wide variety of people through the sharing of the history that binds us as a community of people. Apart from serving as a first-hand platform for the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to archaeological research in the region, Archaeology in Malay Archipelago and Beyond also aims to present a discussion and debate of ideas that would serve as a precedent to future studies at regional and global levels.


PART 1 — Rock Art and History

1. An Austronesian Influence on Rock Art in Harimau Cave, South Sumatra

2. Boat as Depicted in Rock Art in Sulawesi, Indonesia

3. A Preliminary Study into the Ancestral Link of Orang Asli in Perak to Tambun Rock Art, Perak, Malaysia

4. Methods, Modelling and Historical Ecology in Rock Art Studies

5. Was Lamreh a Commercial Sea Port in the Past?

PART 2 — Archaeological Sciences

6. Gravity Survey on Bukit Bunuh Crater

7. Mollusc Remains from Bukit Kamiri, Semporna, Sabah: A Preliminary Taphonomic Analysis

8. Phylogenetic Study Using Mitochondrial DNA of Major Ethnic Groups from Sabah: Haplogroup Source Profile

9. Digital Technology: The Application and a Framework for Interpretation of Archaeological Sites in Sungai Batu

PART 3 — Cultural and Heritage Management

10. Cultural Carriers of an Ideological Ritual: A Case Study of Confucian Ancestral Worship in Peninsular Malaysia

11. Living Religious Sites: Heritage Management Issues at Bagan

12. Archaeology Significance and Selection on Heritage of Onrust Island: A Preliminary Study


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