Bridging the Past and the Present: A Festschrift Honouring Muhammad Haji Salleh


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Bridging the Past and the Present is a festschrift honouring Muhammad Haji Salleh which comprises 14 essays from scholars worldwide. Muhammad Haji Salleh has become iconic—certainly another literary giant in Malay literature, evidenced by the outstanding awards and acclaims added to those received over the decades based on his merits and continuous efforts in producing insightful, significant, inspiring and fine articles, books, essays, papers and sajak, estimated to be more than 400, a marvelous figure, on his wide-ranging interests which include theory on Malay/Nusantara traditional, oral and written Malay/Nusantara literature, traditional and modern Malay/Nusantara poetry, translation of Malay/Nusantara literature, Malay/Nusantara literary language, authorship in the Malay/Nusantara literature and Malay/Nusantara literature in comparative perspectives, among others. The list as mentioned above categorizing his interests is only a guideline, and not exhaustive as it certainly does not do justice to this experienced, dynamic, prolific, widely travelled and outstanding poet-scholar whose interests cover folk literature, hikayat narrative literature, epic literature, historiography, traditional epistemology as listed in Kesusasteraan Tradisional Melayu (1993).

In an interview with Fadillah Merican, he highlighted some aspects of his works and relationship with others that: “Some of my poems celebrate or make reference to the traditions and importance of tradition, continuity and pride in identity and connections with others in the Malay World, of the possibilities of adjusting to modern, different conditions in order to do well by our community. But then there are just as many that touch on problems and difficulties and tensions. You write for yourself as much as about people and the fact that you live in an ‘in-between’ situation of tradition and modernity (of Malay and European societies) of being ‘at home’ and traveling outside, of admiring the Western literary heritage and yet bent on preserving the Asian one—all these mean that your poems can never be celebratory all the time. I do not consider myself an ‘unhoused’ writer who needs that condition to be able to write creatively. I am Malay and part of my identity-kit is to be able to use and to encourage others to use the language to express clearly, poetically, our thoughts. At the same time I consciously seek out what the world has to offer, by travelling and interacting with other creative writers and engaging in collaborative efforts.”

The papers in this volume are like a collective pond of some of the personal perspectives, admiration and thoughts of some of his colleagues, friends, and students towards him and for him. They may be combined and recombined, mixed with other volumes of festschrift and collections on him to help us know and understand him better whether as a leading educator, literary critic, scholar, editor, poet, theorist or essayist, etc as he is as one of Malaysia’s National Laureates.


1. Dutch Rule and Local Power Play: Context and Contents of the 18th and 19th Century Malay Letters from Sumbawa, Indonesia

2. Poetry in Unexpected Places
Annabel Teh Gallop

3. Tried and Tested by the Words of My Ancestors – The Travels of a Poet
Hendrik M.J. Maier

4. “Sita Puts Out the Fire”: Some Depictions of the Testing of Sita’s Virtue in Indonesian, Malay and Thai Literatures
Harry Aveling

5. Balinese Script As Identity Marker of the Balinese People
Dick van der Meij

6. Image of Southeast Asians and Americans — In The Eyes of Alfred North and Munsyi Abdullah
Hadijah Rahmat

7. Sovereign in Destitute in the Malay Hikayat Literature and its Religious Connotations
Noriah Taslim

8. Two Developments from One Tradition: Some Connections between Oral and Written Transmissions in Hikayat Shamsul Anwar by Raja Aisyah Sulaiman
Ding Choo Ming

9. Reading Linda Djalil’s Restoran Surya: An Exercise in Practical Literary Criticism
C.W. Watson

10. Romance and Laughter in Majapahit: Two Javanese Anti-Javanese Pantuns in the Malay Annals
E.P. Wieringa

11. Malay and Indonesian Literatures as Part and Parcel of World Literature
Laurent Metzger

12. The Effects of Omission in the Translation of the Novel Keluarga
Goh Sang Seong

13. Still Malay: The Poetics of Identity
Zawiah Yahya

14. Languages Other Than English (LOTE) in a Globalizing Academia: The Case of Malay and Indonesian
Arndt Graf

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