Concept of a Hero in Malay Society

SHAHARUDDIN MAARUF is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Sociocultural in Universiti Malaya. He is the author of Malay Ideas on Development: From Feudal Lord to Capitalist and Concept of a Hero in Malay Society.

SIRD (Second impression, 2014)
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Concept of a Hero in Malay Society has been written in the hope that it can contribute to the progress of the Malays although it does not prescribe magic formulas or instant blueprints. Those who appreciate the complexities of social change and social reconstruction would agree that social change and reconstruction could not be the subject of instant manuals for the mechanical-minded to implement. Those who demand such recipes for social change fall into two groups. They are naive about the subject or are indifferent to social defects and injustice. As for the latter, their demand for ready-made solutions is merely fault finding and a poor excuse for their silence and apathy towards social problems.

Social change and reform normally involve two processes. One is the diagnosis and the other, therapy. Concept of a Hero in Malay Society hopes to contribute to the progress of the Malays by diagnosing their problems and shortcomings in the realm of values and social philosophy. The author feels that here lie the roots of their major problems. At present various attempts at diagnosis have not cleared the intellectual horizon of the Malays but instead have made it even cloudier. Some resort to racial theories, someplace the sole blame on colonialism, while others use the Malay masses as a scapegoat. Far from having effectively diagnosed the problems, they have proved themselves the actual symptoms of the very problems bogging down Malay society.

This work hopes to invite the Malays to take a close look at themselves, their values, social education, and social leadership. Being at the crossroad, the Malays must have the moral and intellectual courage to raise fundamental questions. They must be prepared to question the very principles of their social philosophy. It is urgent that they realize how vital the question of direction is because they are not going to solve their social and economic problems by greater efforts and zeal if they are given the wrong bearings. They must address themselves to the problems and only then can they clearly and systematically turn to the problems of the means of resolving them.

The author appreciates the fact that his attempt at diagnosis may be misinterpreted as an act of disloyalty to his people. The duty of revealing the unpleasant truth is too pressing to be waived aside for such a consideration. This is a paradox in life. Sometimes the people they cared for attacked those who cared most. This is the fate of most genuine reformers in human history. If this can happen to great personalities, to whom the writer does not measure up at all, there is no reason why a simple writer like myself should be an exception.

The manuscript of this book was completed in April 1979. The author decided to have it published in its original form, merely updating a few facts here and there as the diagnosis is still valid to a very great extent. One major change since the completion of the writing is the emergence of new leadership under Mahathir Mohamad and Musa Hitam. Since then there have been strong pronouncements on the need for positive values in Malay society. It is hoped that such hopeful beginnings and pronouncements would be effectively incorporated into their administration and social planning.

Concept of a Hero in Malay Society does not pretend to be exhaustive on the subject of Malay values. The author considers it a sort of introduction to more comprehensive research on Malay values in greater spectrum.

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