Historical Imagination and Cultural Responses to Colonialism and Nationalism

By: Azhar Ibrahim

SIRD (2017)
254 Pages


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‘The basis of our historical imagination is the intellectual’s (or historian’s) critical thinking and their solidarity with the people, with their destiny and predicament, with the consistent aim of emancipating and liberating the subjugated, the oppressed, and the marginalised.’
History conditions the way that society discusses its problems. Treating history as a form of ‘imagination’, Azhar Ibrahim invites readers to probe the colonialist and nationalist tampering, suppression, and distortion of narratives on the Malays.
In this thought-provoking book, the author encourages contemporary historians to move beyond the practice of Orientalist scholars: collecting data and describing facts.
Instead, he promotes an alternative reading of history, one that departs from mainstream versions. Reflecting a strong understanding of classical Malay texts, the author also touches on broad themes such as psychological feudalism, orientalism, and the contestation of nationalist and colonialist perspectives on the community.
Azhar’s book is a welcomed contribution and a must-read for those interested in alternative discourses in Malay Studies.
Dr Norshahril Saat
Fellow, ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute
Azhar Ibrahim’s brave effort has shown a new dimension in which history should be read and in his own words, it ‘is to open up the possibilities of understanding alternative historical versions inasmuch as it sanctifies the need to challenge the dominant history that has effectively silenced, relegated and dehumanised the role, the presence, and the dignity of the weak and powerless.’ This brave effort should not be left idle but instead have its dignified place in our search and struggle for a better future; which definitely warrants for a historical imagination.
Dato’ Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa
Director, Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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