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Music: Local Culture In Global Mind

The editors GISA JÄHNICHEN, a professor in musicology, and JULIA CHIENG, master student, and research assistant, are both working at the UPM Music Department.

Penerbit UPM (Reprint, 2017)
154 pages including Index

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Music: Local Culture In Global Mind focuses on issues in the frame of local and global cultural frictions and creative exchange. The book series is intended as space for music researchers to share research findings, to provoke discussion, and broaden our scientific horizon. It contains ten papers of different research areas in musicology such as ethnomusicology, music sociology, performance studies, and music education.

General observations made by Triyono Bramantyo regarding cultural self-understanding support discussions on musical confidence in local settings. Raja Iskandar, Mohd Hassan Abdullah, and Gisa Jähnichen present and analyze local cases from Asia, which were often marginalized. In the papers of Chow Ow Wei and Joanne Pei Sze Yeoh, questions of the actual use of music in different contexts are raised. Contradictions between music production, music market, and the association of meanings show the high potential for further research.

Loo Fung Ying and Loo Fung Chiat shed light on very particular aspects of piano performance phenomena. Xiaoyun Loke and Chan Cheong Ian reflect on music education regarding formal and informal ways of learning and teaching of a seemingly familiar instrument. Both studies give evidence of cultural distances even inside one and the same territorial entity.

Intercultural musicology in music education means to provide students with the classroom projects in action leaming in order to understand the music culture of our own and generally can be added to the world music as a whole, listening activities followed by sharing, discussing and analyzing the music scientifically, and finally accomplished by songwriting and sound composing as a creative tool to become a foundation for their involvement in preserving and revitalizing our music culture creatively.

At a glance, it is likely at ease and simple definition, however, the reward and the outcomes of these projects is our national identity as 3 given commitment that we cannot certainly consider as worthless.

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