Practices of Public Administration in Malaysia


Penerbit UM (First Published, 2019)
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Practices of Public Administration in Malaysia offers a general background and critically reviews recent and important aspects of public administration and policies in promoting recent innovation and startups, rooted in the background of SMEs, as well as advocating better governance in urban policies, local government practices, environmental issues, healthcare system and its reforms as addressed by the various authors in the book. This book will also help researchers, practitioners, and the public in getting better insights into various aspects of public administration in the past developments as well as in recent years and the possible direction it could take in the future in decision-making and policy formulation given the evaluation and contemporary dynamics of political and administrative relations in public administration.

Malaysia has progressed well. It has always been able to capitalise on its strength and overcome its challenges. Much of it has to do with the sound economic policies and the country’s professional public bureaucracy of the Westminster mode. Like any social system, it has evolved with events and political leadership. In fact, political leadership very much drives the changes in public administration in Malaysia. Many cores public administration institutions were established in the 1960s and 1970s which can be termed the institution-building stage, but in the 1980s public administration was expanded to include participating in economic activities. Under the fourth Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, it also assumed a developmental state-type government providing stewardship in the economy. Whilst the core function as regulator remains, public administration plays a dominant role in the economic planning and management of the country, more so with the introduction of the New Economic Policy.

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Notes on Contributors

1. Introduction
Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin and Loo-See Beh

2. Creativity and Innovation: Start-ups in Malaysia
Loo-See Beh and Rosintansafinas Munir

Creativity and Innovation in Public Administration
Background on Start-ups, Creativity, and Innovation
The Scenario of Creativity and Start-ups in Malaysia
The Role of Creativity and Innovativeness in the Industry
Performance of Services and Manufacturing Industry in Malaysia
Performance of the Services Sector
Performance of the Manufacturing Sector
Start-ups in Services and Manufacturing Sectors
Concluding Remarks

3. Malaysia’s Interventionist Developmental State: Public Policies and Nurturing Domestic SMEs
Sharon Low Pau Chin and Edmund Terence Gomez

Profile of SMEs
Contributions of SME Start-ups
Government Intervention and SME Development
First Malaysia Plan, 1966-1970
Second Malaysia Plan, 1971-1975
Third Malaysia Plan, 1976-1980
Fourth Malaysia Plan, 1981-1985
Fifth Malaysia Plan, 1986-1990
Sixth Malaysia Plan, 1991-1995
Seventh Malaysia Plan, 1996-2000
Eighth Malaysia Plan, 2001-2005
Ninth Malaysia Plan, 2006-2010
Impact of Government Intervention on the Economy

4. Managing Urbanisation and New Dimensions for Local Government in Malaysia
Kuppusamy Singaravelloo, Phang Siew Nooi and Mohd. Jamil Ahmad

Background to Urbanisation in Malaysia
Development of Urban Centres
The Rate of Urbanisation
Growth of Cities in Malaysia
Local Government in the Urbanisation Process at Present: The Challenges
Local Government in Malaysia
Challenges in Urban Planning
Challenges in Managing and Moving Cities Forward
Challenges in Intergovernmental Relations
New Dimensions in Urban Management — What lies ahead?
Global Challenges
Urban Planning and Modernising Local Government
Dependence on Technology and Automation New Growth Nodes
Managing Present Expectations and Beyond

5. Malaysia’s Public Policy on the Environment
Kok-Kheng Yeoh and Yemo Zhang

Overview of Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land Related to Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic Activities
The Background of Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land
Current Environmental Policy on Land in Malaysia
Malaysian Environmental Policy on Land Related to Agriculture, Industry and Domestic Activities
Malaysian Environment Policy on Industrial Activities
Malaysian Environment Policy on Domestic Activities
Environmental Legislations in Malaysia
The “National Land Code” (NLC) 1965
Environmental Quality Act 1974
Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land Related to Agricultural Activities
Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Industrial Pollution
Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land Related to Domestic Pollution
History of Acts in Malaysia
Overview of Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land National Development Planning Framework
The Implementation and Limitation of Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Land
Restriction of Malaysian Environmental Policy on Land Related to Industrial Activities
Limitation of Malaysia’s Environmental Policy on Agricultural Pollution
The Shortcomings of Malaysian Environment Policy on Domestic Pollution
Legislation of Malaysian Environmental Policy on Land
More Complete Form of Land Legislation
Courses of Policy Making in Malaysia
Concluding Remarks

6. Malaysian Healthcare System: A Convergence or Divergence?
Lee, Kwee-Heng and Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin

Accessibility and Inequitable Distribution of Resources
Escalating Cost of Care
High Out-of-Pocket Payments
Concern over Rising Total Health Expenditure
Quality and Standard of Care
Proposed National Health Financing Scheme (NHFS)

7. Healthcare Reform and Civil Society in Malaysia
Mazlan Che Soh, Makmor Tumin and Ganeshwaran Kana

Overview of the Malaysian Healthcare Reform
What is 1Care?
Background and Responses of Three CSOs
Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)
The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Malaysia (FPMPAM)
Coalition against Healthcare Privatization (CAHCP)


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