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Selections from the Selangor Journal

Author: J. M. Gullick

MBRAS Reprints No. 26

MBRAS (2007)
646 Pages
ISBN 9789679948370


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In editing the Selangor Journal, John Russell, the government printer, obtained contributions from many sources, and published it in fortnightly instalments over five years from 1892 to 1897. It served as a local newsletter until replaced in 1896 by the Malay Mail daily newspaper. The Journal was both a chronicle of the times and a means of publishing reports of events and people, past and present, that endures as material of much historical value. The purpose of this reprint of selected passages is to offer to the modern reader convenient access to a publication copies of which are difficult to find, and a means of tracing material on specific topics that is scattered through the original 2000 odd pages of the journal.

The selected passages have been grouped, so far as possible, by subject, and fully indexed, with references to the page in the Journal where they may be read in their original context if desired. They make up about one quarter one quarter of the entire Journal.

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