The Malay Hikayat Mi’rāj Nabi Muḥammad: The Prophet Muḥammad’s Nocturnal Journey to Heaven and Hell

TH. C. VAN DER MEIJ affiliated with Leiden University and the State Islamic University in Jakarta and published in the fields of Balinese and Javanese manuscript and Islamic studies.

NANNOO LAMBOOIJ studied Medicine at the Free University of Amsterdam. He was appointed Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at Municipal Hospitals, The Hague in 1973 and is the co-founder of the Dutch Pain Society and of the International Neuromodulation Society.

Brill (First Published, 2014)
208 pages including Bibliography and Index

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The Malay Hikayat Mi’rāj Nabi Muḥammad is a text about the nocturnal journey of the Prophet Muḥammad (Mi’rāj) abound in the Muslim world and outside. International attention has never been afforded to any version of text in any language of the Indonesian archipelago. One old version of the text from the area, the Malay Hikayat Mir’āj Nabi Muḥammad is presented here in Malay and English translation. The introductory chapters place the text in a wider context in Indonesian literatures while the manuscript of the text (Cod.Or. Leiden 1713) is described in detail. The text and translation purport to enhance interest in this important text in the Muslim world as seen from the Malay/Indonesian perspective.


Hikayat Miʿrāj Nabi Muḥammad

The Prophet Muḥammad’s Nocturnal Journey to Heaven and Hell



Index to Persons and Other Elements in the Text and Translation

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