Akhbar Satar

Akhbar Satar was the President of Transparency International Malaysia from 2013 until 2019, and the founder and President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Malaysia Chapter) since 2003. With more than three decades of investigative experience, he is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Forensic Polygraph Examiner and has held a Director position during his 18 years in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) and its predecessor, the Anti-Corruption Agency. On the academic side, Akhbar has an MA in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of Detroit and is currently the Senior Fellow and the Director of the Institute of Crime and Criminology established by HELP University Kuala Lumpur. He is also a full member of the American Polygraph Association, a member of the International Association of Crime Analysts, an Associate member of the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers and member of Malaysian Institute of Integrity.