Ichiro Sugimoto

Ichiro Sugimoto is a Professor in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts at Soka University, Japan. He has been a Deputy Director of the International Affairs office and Vice Dean of the faculty. He completed his MA and PhD at the University of Malaya. His research interests lie in the quantitative economic history of the former British colonies in the Southeast Asian region. Before joining Soka University in 2009 as a senior research assistant, he served on a research project on the construction of historical GDP estimates for Malaya at the Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya. In line with this, he has constructed long-term economic statistics of Singapore and conducting analyses on the economic growth and living standard. His publications include Economic Growth of Singapore in the Twentieth Century, Historical GDP Estimates and Empirical Investigations (2011), and Pentadbiran Kewangan Kolonial Johor (2011). He also published journal articles on the economic growth and living standards of Singapore with collaborative researchers in Singapore and Malaysia.