Okky Puspa Madasari

Okky Puspa Madasari known as Okky Madasari is an Indonesian novelist and academic, currently PhD candidate with the National University of Singapore.

Okky is well-known for her social criticism with works highlighting social issues, such as injustice and discrimination, and above all, about humanity. In the academic field, her main interest is literature, censorship and freedom of expression, and sociology of knowledge.

Since 2010 Okky has published 10 books, comprising of five novels, one short story collection, three children’s novels and one non-fiction book. Her 10th book entitled “Genealogi Sastra Indonesia: Kapitalisme, Islam dan Sastra Perlawanan” (Genealogy of Indonesian Literature: Capitalism, Islam and Critical Literature) which was published online in December 2019, and can be freely downloaded and printed in this website. The book is attempting to track the origins, forces and ideologies that shape today’s Indonesian novels.

She also regularly writes for Indonesian and international media on issues in line with her interests and focuses reflected in her fiction and her academic works.