Alessandro Stanziani

Alessandro Stanziani is full Professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), where he teaches global history, and Senior Researcher at the CNRS, Paris. He is the author of 7 monographs, 12 edited books and more than 100 articles and chapters. Among which are Rules of Exchange: French Capitalism in Comparative Perspective, 18th 20th Centuries (Cambridge, 2012), Bondage, Labor and Rights in Eurasia, 17th–20th Centuries (Oxford and New York, 2014), Bâtisseurs d’Empire. Russie, Inde et Chine à la croisée des mondes (Paris, 2012), Labour, Coercion and Economic Growth in Eurasia, 17th–20th Centuries (editor) (Leiden, 2012).