Ramli Dollah

Ramli Dollah is an Associate Professor at the International Relations Program, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His field of expertise and interests cover several areas including security studies, security and border issues in Sabah and East Asia peace and security. He obtained his PhD from Universiti Utara Malaysia in 2018. He produced several books including Sabah State Border Security Issues and Overlapping Claims in Spratly Islands (2010), Migration and Security issue in Sabah (2011, 2013), The Bugis and Politics in Sabah (2020) and several other works. In addition, he is also editor/co-editor of several edited books including Sebatik Island (2018), Bilateralism and Malaysia Foreign Relations (2019), Malaysia and Southeast Asian Countries (2019), Sabah in Malaysia-Indonesia Relations (2019), Indonesian Foreign Workers and Labor Issues in Sabah (2019) and The Shifting of Indonesia Capital City to Kalimantan and its Implication to Sabah (2021). He is currently involved in several research grants involving border issues, security and radicalisation and foreign policy.