The King’s Chinese: From Barber to Banker, the Story of Yeap Chor Ee and the Straits Chinese

DARYL YEAP is the great-granddaughter of Yeap Chor Ee, which after a career in finance and banking, return to Malaysia to work for the family business and established the House of Yeap Chor Ee in Penang.

SIRD (Second Impression, 2022)
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The King’s Chinese: From Barber to Banker, the Story of Yeap Chor Ee and the Straits Chinese provides interesting vignettes of Yeap’s life in the contexts of southern China and the Nanyang, drawing on family records, written and oral history sources and personal visits to ancestral homes. These are a useful supplement to other historical and biographical studies of the Chinese community in Penang. Yeap Chor Ee (1868–1952) was not Straits-born. He was a subject of the Ch’ing emperor, a Hokkien from Amoy/Xiamen in Fukien/Fujian province, who migrated to Penang, Straits Settlements, under the jurisdiction of Queen Victoria’s colonial governor, and he lived through her reign and those of her successors, Kings Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. As Yeap progressed “from barber to banker”, he was assimilated into the Peranakan culture of Penang, where he built his banking business and purchased a magnificent mansion, “Homestead”.

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Timeline of Key Events
A Note on Names

CHAPTER 1 The Hungry Years

CHAPTER 2 Cinderella of the Straits Settlements

CHAPTER 3 A Not So Fortunate Beginning

CHAPTER 4 People of Bushy Eyebrows

CHAPTER 5 Consulting the Gods

CHAPTER 6 In the Land of Eternal Summer

CHAPTER 7 Men and Women at Work

CHAPTER 8 A Chop for a Shop

CHAPTER 9 Drink Tea and be Married

CHAPTER 10 Moving to Uppertendom

CHAPTER 11 The King’s Chinese

CHAPTER 12 Domestic Matters

CHAPTER 13 A Case for Merriment

CHAPTER 14 Money Men

CHAPTER 15 The Spoils of War

CHAPTER 16 Death and Taxes

Glossary of Non-English Terms

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