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Diagnostic Procedures of the Iban Manang

ROLAND WERNER (b. 1925 – ) holds degrees in both Medicine and Dentistry, namely DDS, 1949; MD, 1951; DTM&H, 1956 and MB, BS and EDS. He qualified as an Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgeon and as an Otorhinolaryngology Specialist in 1963. During the period 1956 and 1973, Werner worked and researched in Indonesia, Nigeria, Iraq, and Kuala Lumpur.

Penerbit UM (First Printing, 2013)
138 pages including Bibliography

Culture of Healing in Malaysia: Preservation of Culture and Recording of Traditions ABORIGINES and INDIGENOUS PEOPLES Culture of Healing Series


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Diagnostic Procedures of the Iban Manang is a Part II of the Multi-Disciplinary and Comparative Studies of the Iban Healer in the ABORIGINES and INDIGENOUS PEOPLES Culture of Healing Series: Volume IV by Roland Werner. This part deals with diagnostic procedures of body/soul and predictions. Soul-wandering and soul-catching within the longhouse are demonstrated by various illustrations, involving the concepts of the spiritual transformation of longhouse structures into various physical counterparts/ mortars/bolders, pillars/nibong palm, ruai/seashore and finally the “waterfall, as the last barrier before the “Bridge of Fright” which leads to “the world of the dead”.

The native concept of the soul and soul-wandering is combined with an overview of the history of the soul-concept of different cultures. Principles and procedures of the “seeing-stone”/batu karas/ilau/quartz are followed by experiments of the optic partition of the quartz-crystal. The diagnostic ritual of mayang pinang, analyzing the flower bud of areca catechu, is one way to disclose the prospects of healing.

Planting a pentik (betanam pentik) is divining the fate of a sick. Another procedure of divining the fate of a sick person is bebayan (making a bayan/ monitor lizard). Pig’s liver reading is the final stage of the traditional pig-killing ritual which is demonstrated step by step.

A comparative study of traditional and modern pig-killing reveals the conceptional, anatomical, pathohistological, technical and diagnostic differences of tradition and modernity.

Palpation and massage-procedures are presented with numerous detailed illustrations.

Finally, attention is drawn to the traditional procedure by which so-called “tiny stones” are massaged to the surface of the skin. A scientific study dealing with various forms of calcification of the skin (calcinosis cutis) explains the topographical realities of such “tiny skin stones”.

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