King of the Sea: A Collection of Short Stories

DINA ZAMAN is an award-winning writer of non-fiction, fiction and poetry. She has had a media presence locally and abroad as a columnist since 1994 and commentator of current affairs since 2005.

Silverfish Books (First Printing, 2012)
154 pages


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King of the Sea is a collection of short stories by Dina Zaman that took about 13 years to complete. The stories began as part of her project she was a masters student at Lancaster University in 1993, inspired by her homesickness, and her longing for the ‘Terengganu air’. She explores themes of love, grief, loss and longing, and the magic in our lives. A young boy, grieving for his late father, meets a ghost who tells him that he is the king of the sea. Alia, a missing child, comes back as a chicken to bewildered parents. A daughter witnesses an affair by her unfaithful mother, but she is not sure if she was hallucinating. A young man arrives on an island and marries a jungle spirit, a bunian. Hell breaks loose in a small village when a brash modern city woman decides to live there. A teacher who longs for a more glamorous life, literally, disappears into a movie screen.

1. Masbabu

2. And She Became an Angel

3. The Rainstorm

4. Alia

5. Her Hair

6. King of the Sea

7. Man of the Jungle

8. The Translator

9. Nah the Masseur

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