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Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World


NUS Press (First printing, 2009)
428 pages including Bibliography and Index


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Honouring the spirit of Ian Proudfoot’s scholarship, Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World comprises original and provocative essays that reveal how analyses of offbeat texts can produce fascinating insights into the past. In one absorbing volume, a multi-disciplinary cohort of international academics presents intriguing, amusing and thought-provoking perspectives on calendars, royal myths, colonial expeditions, printing, propaganda, rituals, theatre, art, advertising, Islamic manuscripts, gardens and erotic literature. Linked by themes of transformations in time, texts and technologies, the essays apply the approaches of history, anthropology, art history, archaeology, linguistics, philology, literary criticism, and textual analysis to a marvellous array of cultural expressions from the Malay World, a huge geographical area spanning Peninsular and Insular Southeast Asia, with excursions into West, South, and East Asia as well as the “West”. In this volume, mousedeers and beached whales, giant lizards, gaseous windbags and marginal Islamic scholars, Christian priests and Japanese aristocrats all roam around freely—a forceful demonstration of the futility of essentialising the cultural, literary and historical riches of the Malay World.

List of Illustrations

1. Significant Time, Myths and Power in the Javanese Calendar
Ann Kumar

2. How Surakarta was Founded on the Wrong Day
M. C. Ricklefs

3. Shining Stones: The King and the Ascetic in Indonesia
John N. Miksic

4. An Excursion to Java’s Get-Rich-Quick Tree
George Quinn

5. Chasing the Dragon: An Early Expedition to Komodo Island
Timothy P. Barnard

6. Lord Hunting Tiger and Malay Learning in Japan Before the War
Mikihiro Moriyama

7. Martyr to Science or Gaseous Windbag of Colossal Ignorance?
Amin Sweeney

8. A Paler Shade of White
Mary Kilcline Cody

9. The Perils of Propaganda
Paul H. Kratoska

10. Wanted
Jan van der Putten

11. In Search of Fatimah
Wendy Mukherjee

12. When is a Jawi Jawi? A Short Note on Pieter Soury’s “Maldin” and his Minang Student “Sayf al-Riyjal”
Michael Laffan

13. Reflections on the Mysticism of Shams al-Din al-Samatra’i (1550?-1630)
A. H. Johns

14. A Life Unrecognised: Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad and Majalah Guru
Mark Emmanuel

15. Fr Pécot and the Earliest Catholic Imprints in Malay
Anthony Reid

16. Some Light on Ahmad al-Fatani’s Nur al-mubin (“The Clear Light’)
Edwin Wieringa

17. Ritual Recitation of Abdul Qadir’s Karamatamat: A Social History
Julian Millie

18. Singing the Text: On-Air Textual Interpretation in Bali
Helen Creese

19. Faust does Nusantara
Holger Warnk

20. Finding Love in Hikayat Raja Kulawandu
Muhammad Haji Salleh

21. The Thread of Eroticism in Faridah Hanom, An Early Malay Novel by Syed Sheikh Al-Hadi
Christine Campbell

22. Pedal Power in Southeast Asia
Kees van Dijk

23. The Lament of an Old Man: Sayyid ‘Uthman (1822-1914) of Batavia on Cars
Nico J. G. Kaptein

24. Some Thoughts on Islamic Manuscripts from the Southern Philippines and the Jawi Tradition
E. Ulrich Kratz

25. To Rescue a Beached Whale: The Translation of Matthes’ Bugis Dictionary
Campbell Macknight

26. Was the Mousedeer Peranakan? In Search of Chinese Islamic Influences on Malay Manuscript Art
Annabel Teh Gallop

27. Gardens of Knowledge: From Bustan to Taman
Virginia Hooker


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