Lim Kit Siang; Malaysian First (Volume Two): Bold to the Last Battle

KEE THUAN CHYE is a Malaysian actor, dramatist, poet and journalist. Acting in theatre, films, and on television for more than 40 years, he continues to do so.

SIRD (First published, 2023)
xviii + 549 pages


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Lim Kit Siang; Malaysian First (Volume Two): Bold to the Last Battle picks up from the cliffhanger at the end of Volume One to present a story full of intrigue, heart-tugging moments, dramatic twists and turns—and even some laughter and joy. What comes through unmistakably is Kit Siang’s resilience in fighting for his Malaysian Dream—his lifelong vision for a united, democratic and prosperous nation in which all citizens will have the opportunity to achieve success and find fulfilment. We see in this story how he is able to set aside deep-seated political differences and forgive the political enemies who had unfairly inflicted pain and suffering on him—and his son—for the sake of realizing that Dream.

We also see the important role played by Kit Siang’s devoted wife and children in giving him the support he needs as he battles the forces set on dividing the nation, stealing from the people and destroying the rule of law. Malaysia would not be what it is without the political struggles and sacrifices of Lim Kit Siang and his fight for his Malaysian Dream. As this biography shows, he has proven unfailingly throughout his long career that he is not only someone who truly cares for his country and its people, but is also a visionary ahead of his time.


1. Alone, Again
2. Collateral Damage
3. The 60 Days of Terror
4. We Are Not Alone
5. Mahathir vs Monkeys
6. Every Week, Without Fail
7. Hang ’Em High
8. Last Men Standing
9. Big Brother Big
10. Lam Thye Sings the Blues
11. Shoot the Two-thirds
12. The Hat Trick
13. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
14. Kung Kung and Carlsberg
15. The Good, The Bad and The Greedy
16. Portentous Preludes
17. Sex and the Underaged Girl
18. Try or Die Five Years?
19. RoboFlop
20. As the Pot Boils
21. Missions Accomplishable
22. Tough Men Don’t
23. Fallout Over Bailouts
24. The Long and Short of KOKS
25. Handcuffs of Pride
26. Guess Who’s Coming to the Hunger Fast
27. ‘The Worst Period of My Life’
28. Malaysian Spring
29. The Chinese Whisper Folly
30. The Darkest Hour Before Dawn
31. You Can’t Keep a Shrewd Man Down
32. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
33. Secular, Islamic or Hybrid?
34. Surprise, Surprise!
35. ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Mr Nice Guy’
36. New Territory to Conquer
37. Comeback Kit
38. Turning Points
39. Murder, Lies and Video Clip
40. Tsunami Alert
41. Fight One on One
42. Even a Cow Could Have Won
43. Long Day’s Journey into Light
44. Who’s Afraid of a PAS MB?
45. Sodomy Deja Vu
46. Cash is King
47. Rising Hate
48. ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ Copycat
49. Malaysian First
50. Big Showdown in Little Sibu
51. Darkness at Morn
52. Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow
53. Sex Bites
54. If No Rocket, Then Eye or Moon
55. Once More unto the Breach
56. Ah Jib Claus is Coming to Town
57. Chinese Scapegoats
58. Black Challenge
59. And Leave Us Nought but Grief and Pain
60. A Time to Weep
61. A Good Fight
62. The Death of Hope
63. PM with Plenty2Hide
64. Malaysia First
65. Together Again, for the First Time
66. A Deal with the Devil
67. How Not to Win?
68. Long Night’s Journey into History
69. Old Tricks in ‘New Malaysia’
70. They Come Not Single Spies
71. Oh, and While the King was Looking Down
72. The Last Battle
73. ‘How Can You Retire from Politics?”

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