Whither WANA?: Reflections on the Arab Uprisings

CHANDRA MUZAFFAR is President of International Movement for a Just World (JUST).

JUST (First published, 2017)
116 pages


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Whither WANA?: Reflections on the Arab Uprisings challenges conventional narratives, eschewing the term ‘Middle East’ for the ideologically neutral WANA, or West Asia and North Africa—spanning from the Arab world to Iran and Turkey, becomes the canvas for a nuanced exploration of ongoing uprisings. Rejecting the simplistic label ‘Arab Spring,’ the book delves into the complex tapestry of protests, describing them as uprisings that echo historical struggles against injustice. The essays, categorized by country, unfold chronologically, offering a profound analysis of tumultuous events in Egypt, Iran, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey. Beyond WANA, global players like the United States, Russia, and China contribute to this intricate geopolitical narrative. The book, marked by its ever-evolving perspective, provides reflections and insights on the third anniversary of the Arab uprisings. Whither WANA? invites readers to navigate a shifting landscape, pondering the trajectories of these uprisings and the future of the region.


1. An Overview
2. The Egyptian Revolution: The Triumph of Human Dignity
3. Morsi and the Egyptian Conundrum
4. Egypt: Ikhwan at the Crossroads
5. Egypt: What Now?
6. A Nation Bleeds
7. Iran: The Price of Resistance
8. ran Interim Nuclear Agreement: Averting another War
9. Quit Gaddafi Quit!
10. Libya: Is a No-Fly Zone the Solution?
11. Libya: Stop the Killing Now!
12. The Fall of Muammar Gaddafi
13. Give Bashar AlAssad a Chance
14. The Syria Veto
15. The Houla Massacre and the Subversion of the Peace Plan
16. Custodian of the Custodian of the Custodian
17. syria and Chemical Weapons: Fabricating an Excuse for Invasion
18. Malaysia on Syria in the UN
19. The Syrian Conflict: Qaradawi’s incitement to Violence
20. Syria: A 12 Point Case against Military Intervention
21. The Syrian Deal: Dangers and Opportunities
22. Tunisia at a Crossroads
23. Turkey: A Model?
24. The Arab Uprising Questions and Answers
25. What is Happening to the Arab Uprising?
26. War in WANA: A Threat to Humanity

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