Misguided Democracy in Malaysia and Indonesia: Digital Propaganda in Southeast Asia


SIRD (Reprint, 2024)
xviii + 160 pages including Bibliography and Index


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Misguided Democracy in Malaysia and Indonesia: Digital Propaganda in Southeast Asia delves into the darker side of rapid technological advancements and evergrowing interconnectedness, exploring the intersection of the Internet, democracy, and propaganda in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia, a diverse and vibrant region, has experienced a remarkable surge in Internet penetration and social media usage in the last two decades. This growth has not only changed the way people connect and share ideas but has also provided fertile ground for the dissemination of disinformation and the manipulation of public opinion. In this book, the authors aim to provide a comprehensive examination of how the Internet has been weaponized by various actors to spread propaganda, with a particular focus on Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries in the region. Throughout the chapters, the authors examine the strategies and tactics employed by propagandists, state actors, and political parties to exploit the affordances of the Internet and social media platforms.

From fabricated news articles and doctored images to targeted disinformation campaigns, the book will provide an in-depth analysis of the myriad ways in which digital tools are used to mislead and manipulate public opinion. The book also seeks to illuminate the consequences of this widespread dissemination of disinformation on the democratic processes in Southeast Asia. With elections increasingly influenced by online propaganda, we explore the impact of such tactics on voter behavior, political discourse, and social cohesion, as well as the potential implications for regional stability and international relations. In addition to providing a thorough exploration of the phenomenon of online propaganda in the region, the book discusses the challenges faced by governments, civil society organizations, and technology companies in addressing the issue. The book delves into the delicate balance between combating disinformation and safeguarding freedom of speech, examining the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in promoting transparency, accountability, and digital literacy.


1. Understanding Propaganda
2. Propaganda in the Digital Era
3. Using Social Media as Propaganda Battlegrounds in Southeast Asia
4. Cyberwarfare and Computational Propaganda in Malaysia: Trends and Patterns
5. Government Propaganda in Indonesia: The Burning Ambition for a Single Narrative
6. Disinformation Narratives in Indonesia and Malaysia


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