The Long Journey: To Human Dignity and Global Justice

CHANDRA MUZAFFAR is a Malaysian Muslim political scientist, and an Islamic reformist and activist. He has written on civilization dialogue, human rights, Malaysian politics, and international relations.

JUST (First published, 2017)
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The Long Journey: To Human Dignity and Global Justice presents a profound self-reflection through an autobiographical essay and five enlightening interviews spanning two decades. This book encapsulates the author’s relentless pursuit of justice within Malaysia and on the broader global stage. The autobiographical piece, written in 2011, offers glimpses into the author’s early life, formative influences, and the evolution of his worldview. The subsequent interviews, conducted from 1995 to 2015, delve into international politics, human rights, global hegemony, and the transformative forces shaping our world. Divided into eight distinct phases, the narrative navigates through pivotal moments, from academic years to political activism and organizational leadership.

The author shares insights gained from his roles in a reform group, political party, and the establishment of the International Movement for a Just World. Each phase is a testament to the interplay between individual agency and the societal context, offering valuable perspectives on activism and politics in both Malaysia and the international arena. The Long Journey: To Human Dignity and Global Justice is not merely a personal narrative; it is a profound exploration of the challenges faced by a citizen from the Global South in the pursuit of a more just society and world. The reader is invited to traverse this intellectual and experiential odyssey, gaining insights into the complexities and triumphs inherent in the quest for a better future.


1. The Long Journey to the Just: My Life; My Struggle
2. On Human Rights and Human Dignity
3. A Culture of Dignity
4. The Quest for a Just World
5. Muslim Societies, Israel And The West
6. From Unipolar To Multi-Polar

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