A World in Crisis; Is There a Cure?

CHANDRA MUZAFFAR is a Malaysian Muslim political scientist, and an Islamic reformist and activist. He has written on civilization dialogue, human rights, Malaysian politics, and international relations.

JUST (First published, 2017)
72 pages


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A World in Crisis; Is There a Cure? presenting a paradigm-shifting perspective on the critical juncture humanity faces. Structured uniquely, the book unfolds with a lead essay, supported by three insightful essays and an illuminating interview. The central theme resonates with the urgent challenges entwining environment, economy, politics, and militarism. Offering a poignant critique of global hegemony, the author contends that conventional solutions, including religious ones, fall short unless they transcend exclusive religious identities. A transformative vision emerges—one anchored in a universal, inclusive belief in God, defining our true identity and purpose. The essays delve into the diabolical nature of global hegemony, the transformative power of God Consciousness for global peace, and the prospect of a nonhegemonic world guided by moral values. Through an engaging interview, the author further illuminates the role of a spiritual-moral worldview in navigating contemporary challenges. “Is There a Cure?” invites readers to ponder not just the crises but the potent remedies embedded in a profound understanding of our sacred trust on Earth.


1. A World in Crisis: The Relevance of Spiritualmoral Principles
2. The Global War on Terror — And the Prawn behind the Stone
3. Peace and Rapprochement or Violence and Conflict?
4. The Decline of US Helmed Global Hegemony: The Emergence of a More Equitable Pattern of International Relations?
5. Muslim Societies, Israel and the West

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