Higher Education in Malaysia: Personal Experiences and New Perspectives

ANUWAR ALI is currently the President and Vice Chancellor of Open University Malaysia (OUM).

Penerbit UKM (First published, 2022)
240 pages including References and Index


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Higher Education in Malaysia: Personal Experiences and New Perspectives provides a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of higher education in Malaysia, through the author’s rich academic career spanning nearly five decades. Drawing on his experiences as a faculty member, Vice-Chancellor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and Open University Malaysia (OUM), the author shares a profound exploration of higher education, university governance, and the challenges faced by institutions in both the public and private sectors. The narrative unfolds through the lens of the author’s journey from a tutor at the Faculty of Economics and Management at UKM to the helm of leadership in two distinct universities. The juxtaposition of UKM, a public institution established in 1970, and OUM, a private university formed in 2000 but owned by a consortium of public universities, adds depth to the exploration.

The author, having been deeply involved in university governance, delves into the challenges faced by higher education institutions, offering a critical evaluation of government strategies and their impact. The book serves as a repository of insights into the policy-making realm, shedding light on the development of higher education, its role in socioeconomic progress, and the strategies employed by the Ministry of Higher Education. A central theme revolves around the imperative of providing quality education. The author underscores the strategic focus on students’ academic achievements, emphasizing a well-organized teaching and learning environment. Leadership, both academic and institutional, emerges as a critical factor in enhancing governance, university empowerment, autonomy, and public accountability.

The narrative extends to a forward-looking assessment of the challenges universities confront in the dynamic education landscape of the new millennium. The author evaluates current policies and strategies proposed by the Ministry of Higher Education, offering a thoughtful exploration of potential prospects for universities to ascend to higher levels of excellence. This volume of anecdotes is a compelling journey through the author’s academic odyssey, offering valuable insights for policymakers, academic colleagues, and the general public. This volume serves as both a historical account and a roadmap for steering universities towards excellence amid the ever-evolving demands of the educational landscape.


1. Sharing Experiences and the Early Years
2. Immersing Fully Into Management Roles
3. Changing Landscape in Higher Education
4. Democratising Higher Education and Open University Malaysia (OUM)
5. University’s Stakeholders
6. Students Come First
7. Leadership and Selecting the Right Leader
8. Need for Fundamental Changes
9. A New Sense of Purpose


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