Deepen the Ties: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations


Penerbit UM (First published, 2023)
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Deepen the Ties: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations is a comprehensive and insightful work that delves into the often-overlooked similarities and historical connections between Malaysia and Türkiye. Despite being separated by thousands of kilometres and differing state structures, these two newly industrialised and predominantly Muslim countries share significant commonalities. This book explores their shared regional influences, projected global roles, and long history of cooperation. Malaysia and Türkiye’s history of cooperation stretches a long way back in history. During the Ottoman period, the Ottoman caliphs extended their influence far eastward into Southeast Asia. There are evidences of frequent encounters between the Malay Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire. Most of them were due to the former’s request for military assistance and political support from the latter. Generally, the inhabitants of the Malay Archipelago held positive opinions of the Ottoman Empire, which they referred to as ‘Rum’. Several notable examples are documented in Malay historical records, such as the Story of Hang Tuah, in which the titular character, a 15th-century Malaccan warrior, was dispatched to ‘Stambul’, the capital of Rum, to acquire cannons.

Malaysia and Türkiye are major actors in Southeast Asia and Middie East-Europe, respectively. Owing to their geographical position and power Capacity, both countries have the ability to influence political and social events within their respective territories. Both have also been able to implement political principles, gain major economic benefits, and become educational and cultural hubs. As part of modernisation, both players have drawn and executed distinct political, economic, educational, and cultural agendas. Malaysia-Türkiye bilateral relations have expanded and strengthened in a variety of sectors. Initiatives and agreements have been worked out together, benefiting both countries and adding significant values not only in politics but also in education, culture, diplomacy, and economy, as well as security and defense.

With eighteen chapters divided into four distinct themes, this collaborative work brings together renowned academicians and practitioners to provide a comprehensive analysis of Malaysia-Türkiye relations. It will serve as a valuable resource for scholars and researchers interested in the relationship between Malaysia and Türkiye, as well as in any international affairs. By addressing the historical basis of their connection, current practices in various fields, and prospects for future development, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the evolving relationship between these two influential nations. This book facilitates a wider reach, enabling readers from around the world to gain insights into the unique connection between these Muslim-majority countries. As Malaysia and Türkiye continue to collaborate, the book highlights the challenges and promises they face, offering a nuanced perspective on their efforts on the global stage.


Introduction by H.E. Ambassador of Malaysia to Türkiye
Introduction by the President of Yunus Emre Institute, Türkiye

Theme 1: Malaysia-Türkiye Relations from a Historical Perspective

1. A Brief History of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations: From the Classical to the Modern Era
Muhammad Khalis lorahim

2. The Ottomans and the Malay Sultans of the Peninsula
Alaeddin Tekin

Theme 2: Educational and Cultural Perspectives of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations

3. The Experiences of Malaysian Religious Studies Students in Turkish Universities
Asyraf Isyraqi Jamil & Siti Zulfa Palem Zainol

4. Higher Education Experiences of Turkish Students Studying at the international Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Mahmut Zengin & Emrah Eker

5. Malaysia-Türkiye Relationship: A Study of Religion and Cultural Perspectives
Zulkiple Abdul Ghani & Mashitah Sulaiman

6. The Role of Kuala Lumpur Yunus Emre Institute on Cultural Diplomacy in Malaysia
Ömer Altun

7. Multicultural Education and Art: Ottoman Art as a Platform for intrafaith Conversations in Secondary Education in Malaysia
Nur Fiqah Mohd Qari & Khairil Husaini Jamil

8. Fashion Diplomacy in Türkiye-Malaysia Relations: Modest Fashion and Beyond
Şuay Nilhan Açıkalın

9. Factors Affecting Turkish Food Culture Adoption in Malaysia: A Brief Analysis
Aidil Azwal Zainudin, Jasmiza Yantee Jamalluddin & Ahmad Imran Nabil Kamarudin

Theme 3: Diplomatic Perspective of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations

10. Malaysia and Türkiye Relations in the Post-Ottoman Era
Asmady Idris & Ömer Kurtbağ

11. Diplomatic Relations Between Türkiye and Malaysia Since 1957-2021
Süleyman Temiz

12. Türkiye-Malaysia Relations in the Context of OTS and ASEAN: Opportunities, Challenges, and Prospects for Future Strategic Partnership
Fatima Gülhan Abushanab

13. Türkiye’s Asia Anew Initiative and Relations with Regional Powers: The Case of Malaysia
Ferhat Durmaz

Theme 4: Financial, Security, and Social Perspectives of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations

14. Collaborative Efforts of Malaysian Institutions in the Development of Islamic Finance in Türkiye
Mohamad Akram Laldin & Fares Djafri

15. Comparative Analysis of Islamic Finance and Banking in Türkiye and Malaysia
Yavuz Türkan

16. Malaysia-Türkiye Military Diplomacy
Mohd Edafi Daud

17. The Development of Security and Defence Ties between Türkiye and Malaysia During the 2000s
Ömer Kurtbağ & Asmady Idris

18. A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Türkiye Approaches on the Issue of Palestine
Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor & Mohamad Fikri Mohd Bakri


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