Readings on Malaysia: Selected Essays by Shamsul A.B.

SHAMSUL A.B. (b. 1951) is Distinguished Profesor and a Founding-Director of Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


GMSN & KITA-UKM (First published, 2022)
xi + 363 pages


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Readings on Malaysia: Selected Essays by Shamsul A.B. comprised 18 selected essays from 1979 by Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, to mark his 70th birthday. Through the essays, it shows Shamsul A.B. has successfully turned his field into a launching pad to examine larger questions of national identity, multiculturalism and ethnic relations, especially in Malaysia.


Part I: Identity
1. Debating About Identity in Malaysia: A Discourse Analysis
2. Nations-of-Intent in Malaysia
3. Ethnicity, Class, Culture or Identity? Competing Paradigms in Malaysian Studies
4. A History of an Identity, an Identity of a History: The Idea and Practice of ‘Malayness’ in Malaysia Reconsidered
5. Producing Knowledge of Southeast Asia: A Malaysian Viewpoint
6. Reconnecting ‘the Nation’ and ‘the State’: The Malaysian Experience

Part II: Culture and Society
1. A Revival in the Study of Islam in Malaysia
2. Islam Embedded: Religion and Plurality in Southeast Asia as a Mirror for Europe
3. Culture & Governance in Malaysia’s Survival as a Nation
4. Competing Domains of Control: Islam and Human Rights in Malaysia

Part III: Development
1. Theoretical Orientations of the Second Malaysia Plan
2. The Development of the Underdevelopment of the Malaysian Peasantry
3. Leadership Patronage and Development at the Grassroots in Rural Peninsular Malaysia
4. Planning Dependent Development in Malaysia
5. The Economic Dimension of Malay Nationalism: The Socio-Historical Roots of the New Economic Policy and its Contemporary Implications

Part IV: Social Cohesion
1. Managing Peace in Malaysia: A Case Study
2. One State, Three Legal Systems: Social Cohesion in Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Religious Malaysia
3. Unity, Cohesion, Reconciliation: One Country, Three Cherished Concepts

Biodata of Shamsul A.B.

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