Malaysia’s New Economic Policy in Its First Decade: The Role of the State in Economic Development, 1971-1980

TOH KIN WOON received his PhD in 1982 from the University of Malaya and was an Associate Professor in Economics at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1973-1993). After retiring from UKM, he went into politics, being elected to the Penang State Legislative Assembly for three consecutive terms (1995-2008) and appointed a State Executive Councillor.

SIRD (First published, 2024)
xxxviii + 271 pages including Bibliography


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Malaysia’s New Economic Policy in Its First Decade: The Role of the State in Economic Development, 1971-1980 offers an account of Malaysia’s renowned economic programme in the first decade of its development which chronicling the genesis and controversies that surrounded the early years of the New Economic Policy (NEP), whilst offering an interpretation of the NEP informed by the progressive political economy of the period. Focussing upon issues of employment restructuring, the restructuring of ownership and control, and approaches to poverty eradication, the author argues that what underlay the NEP was a particular relationship between class and the state, centred on the rise of a Malay bureaucratic capitalist class. This in turn limited the ability of the NEP to realise a more meaningful restructuring of Malaysian society. In the years after the author’s PhD thesis completed, the politics of Mahathirism and subsequent development policies—from the National Development Policy onwards—would slowly alter the earlier vision of the NEP. Yet Malaysia’s New Economic Policy in Its First Decade offers us an opportunity to return to the complex debates of the time, and calls for us to move beyond a narrative about the NEP centred on race, to emphasise the important relationship between class and the state.

Foreword by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

1. Introduction
2. Some Theoretical Perspectives on the State
3. The Changing Role of the Malaysian State
4. The State and its Implications for Development Planning
5. Restructuring Employment
6. Restructuring the Ownership of Corporate Equity
7. Eradicating Poverty
8. The Role of the State in Education
9. Conclusion


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