Critical Concerns from East to West: A Collection of Commentaries and Essays

CHANDRA MUZAFFAR is President of International Movement for a Just World (JUST).

JUST (First published, 2017)
xi + 367 pages


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Critical Concerns from East to West: A Collection of Commentaries and Essays addresses pressing global issues, offering a comprehensive overview of JUST’s positions between 2013 and 2016; which originally presented at academic conferences, form a cohesive narrative that delves into the complexities of contemporary international affairs. The author’s decision not to update the content provides a unique snapshot of a specific time frame, preserving the relevance and significance of each issue. The essays cover a spectrum of topics, from Japan’s struggle to preserve Article 9 in its constitution to the challenges faced by ASEAN, the turmoil in West Asia and North Africa (WANA), and the trials and tribulations of Latin America. The East-to-West trajectory serves as a literary device, guiding readers through diverse geopolitical landscapes.

The thematic arrangement allows for a nuanced exploration of shared humanity, global citizenship, violence, extremism, and the protection of children’s dignity—issues that transcend regional boundaries. The underlying thread throughout is JUST’s unwavering commitment to human dignity, global justice, and world peace, rooted in God Consciousness. This collection goes beyond addressing immediate concerns; it contemplates future possibilities and encourages readers to engage in meaningful dialogue about the monumental challenges facing our transitioning world. This volume is not just a compilation of essays; it’s an intellectual journey, an invitation to deepen our understanding of the world’s complexities and participate in shaping its future through informed dialogue.


1. Article 9 and the Militarized World: What Can We Do?
2. From Seeking Peace to Creating Conflict: The Re-Interpretation of Article 9
3. The Nanjing Genocide and the Future of Asia
4. The China Japan Dispute over Diaoyu: Let the Truth Prevail!
5. The Influence of Major Powers in the Asean Region
6. An Asean-China Forum Forthe South China Sea
7. MH 370: Respecting One’s Friends
8. Struggles for Self Determination in the Philippines
9. Peace between Manila and the Muslims of Mindanao.
10. The Rohingyas: A Glimmer of Hope
11. The Nay Pyi Taw Declaration: A Step in the Right Direction
12. Enhancing Asean
13. Asean: Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility
14. The Bandung Forum
15. Politics in the Bay of Bengal: Curbing Violence; Enhancing Harmony
16. The Shia Issue in Perspective
17. Uphold the Amman Message
18. The Malaysian Link to Terror in Syria
19. Syria: Destroying Humanity’s Heritage
20. The Syrian Vote: The People Reject Regime Change
21. 10 Catastrophes: Iraq 10 Years After
22. The Flotilla Tragedy: A Turning Point?
23. Flotilla 2 Deserves Our Applause
24. The Gaza Massacre: The Underlying Motives
25. The Iran Nuclear Agreement: A Step in the Right Direction.
26. The Post Iran Nuclear Deal Scenario
27. Violence and the Struggle for Power in Egypt
28. Morsi: Sentencing Justice to Death in Egypt
29. Yemen: No Military Solution
30. Saudi Executions: Some Possible Consequences
31. The Somali Famine: Hunger and Power
32. Mediterranean Catastrophes: Time That the People of Europe Stood Up
33. Upheaval in WANA: Who Is Responsible?
34. Ousting a Democratically Elected Leader in Ukraine and Elsewhere
35. MH 17: Who Stands to Gain?
36. MH 17: The Questions Remain One Year After
37. The Blockade against Cuba — An Assault upon Humanity’s Conscience
38. Cuba: End the Blockade Immediately!
39. The Cuban Five: Terrorism as a Weapon of Hegemony
40. Transforming a Nation: The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela
41. Venezuela: A Threat?
42. The Malvinas: An Unresolved Dispute
43. Challenging Casino Capitalism
44. Initiatives for Transforming the Global Economy
45. Eliminate Tax Havens!
46. The Media: Universalizing Justice
47. Will Media Connect with Religion in a World in Conflict and Crisis?
48. The Us-Saudi Military Deal and Global Military Expenditure
49. Worsening Trends in Global Arms Transfers
50. Oppose Drone Strikes — A War Crime!
51. Nuclear Terrorism and Nuclear Weapons
52. 9-11: Ten Years After
53. The Truth about Daesh
54. Prosecute the Torturers!
55. Boko Haram and the Politics of Terror
56. Nairobi and Peshawar: The Futility of Terror Tactics
57. Paris: A Dastardly Act of Terror
58. Terrorism and the Politics of Hegemony
59. Extremist Tendencies in Contemporary Muslim Communities
60. The Massacre of Children
61. Today’s Child; Tomorrow’s World: The Role of the Media in Protecting the Dignity of the Child in the Asia-Pacific Region
62. Religious Loyalties, Shared Humanity and Global Citizenship

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